Tuesday, August 11, 2020

From September 2019 to March 2020, Australians endured a "Black Summer", when catastrophic bushfires ravaged our drought-stricken land.

The fires were fuelled by extremely hot and dry conditions, the latter a result of several years of low rainfall.

The number of fires, their intensity, the extent of the area burnt, the homes, businesses and infrastructure destroyed, the number of animals injured and killed, and the smoke - which suffocated cities such as Sydney - were unprecedented, and captured worldwide attention.

In March 2020, we wrote:

Australians live in an increasingly challenging environment.

Drought, dust storms, fires, floods, land degradation, changes in climate, increasing cost of living, low wage growth, global trade tensions and economic uncertainty are just some of the issues we all face.

Unfortunately, this statement now greatly understates our challenges.


Without time to recover from the catastrophic Black Summer, Australians have been thrust into a health pandemic that - to date - has infected over 4,000,000 people worldwide, inundated medical and health care services globally and caused over 300,000 deaths.

Fortunately, it appears that an overwhelming health crisis has been averted in Australia. Government data reveals that the number of positive test results for COVID-19 has fallen to low single digit figures, offering hope that the virus has been contained, at least for now.

This reflects the swift and effective response of national and state leaders, health advisers, numerous government departments and - most of all - the outstanding efforts of brave essential workers, especially medical and health care workers on the front-line.

Australians' willingness to comply with lockdown restrictions and the directions of authorities has contributed significantly to this result.

However, in order to avoid suffering a "Bleak Winter", which - as the likelihood of a global depression increases - could last several years, we must respond equally effectively to the unfolding economic crisis.


Few people could have foreseen the massive crisis that COVID-19 would cause the Australian and global economies.

The pandemic necessitated a lockdown and the shutdown of all but essential services, and has led to:

  • Australia’s first recession in 30 years, 
  • Mass redundancies and rising unemployment, 
  • A huge increase in borrowings by both governments and companies, 
  • The collapse of state and federal government revenues and tax bases, and 
  • Slowdowns in the economies of all Australia’s major trading partners.

Never before has such a large economic shock occurred in our nation - and the world - measured both in magnitude and in speed of impact.

This extraordinary economic crisis necessitates a swift and careful response.


An extraordinary crisis warrants an extraordinary vision.

Telopea Group has that vision - and a detailed strategy and plan to deliver the vision.

Our strategy to maximise Australia’s comparative advantages in mining, agriculture and manufacturing introduces new innovations and utilises new technologies to improve logistical efficiencies and identify and deliver commercially-focused, sustainable economic solutions.

Our solutions require a relatively low initial investment relative to large infrastructure projects. They are designed to secure “quick wins” and capitalise on the rapidly emerging opportunities in the mining, agriculture and manufacturing sectors, where Australia has comparative advantage.

They will also help Australia to service a higher debt load and make our economy more resilient and self-reliant.

Our strategy and plan will provide new jobs and business opportunities, improve efficiency, increase trade and stimulate economic growth in the Australasian region.

Implementing our vision will:

  • increase Australian mining, agricultural and manufacturing productivity,
  • create over 250,000 new jobs,
  • grow existing export markets,
  • create new export markets,
  • establish new industries in agtech and technology,
  • deliver over 1,000 kilometres of railway track in New South Wales,
  • "drought-proof" the state of New South Wales,
  • revitalise regional towns,
  • establish new renewable energy markets,
  • remediate soil and improve the health of our rivers,
  • support landcare by targeting reafforestation and ecosystem regeneration,
  • create new regional housing industry and infrastructure investment opportunities, and
  • refocus the financial services sector.

Telopea Group has developed innovative technology to reveal the vision to state and national leaders.

This technology is now being used to deliver the vision for the benefit of all Australians.