Tuesday, August 11, 2020
The Fast Track

Connecting Sydney Quickly provides a unique opportunity for the NSW Government to achieve greater value for money and fast track the delivery of better transport for the people of NSW.


A rapid appraisal of the strategic merit and benefits of Compass Connect has been completed in accordance with the Australian Transport Assessment & Planning (ATAP) guidelines.

The economic appraisal and detailed modelling highlight the benefits of Compass Connect.

Telopea Group is willing to share the economic appraisal and modelling to enable the NSW Government to fast track delivery of Compass Connect.

Better modelling and economic appraisal will help the NSW Government accelerate and improve the planning, procurement and delivery process for large transport projects, including the Sydney Metro.

Following a detailed appraisal of the benefits of Compass Connect, the proposal should be made available to the public and incorporated into the NSW Long Term Transport Master Plan.

The NSW Government should prioritise Compass Connect for delivery by 2019, to relieve pressure on the Sydney Trains network before the Sydney Metro is complete in 2024.