Saturday, February 22, 2020
What we do

We generate options and conduct analysis to deliver sustainable economic solutions.


Australians live in an increasingly challenging environment.

Drought, dust storms, fires, floods, land degradation, changes in climate, increasing cost of living, low wage growth, global trade tensions and economic uncertainty are just some of the issues we all face.

Telopea Group helps people, organisations and communities respond to these challenges.

To do this, we listen, observe, question, collect evidence, hypothesise, research and generate options.

We then reveal the options using innovative technologies and economic models, that we have developed to assess the commercial sustainability of each option. Our technology and modelling can also be used to advocate, implement and manage these options.

Telopea Group is an independent, Australian-owned business with expertise in:


  • International trade and shipping
  • Agriculture and agribusiness
  • Dairying
  • Resource economics and applied economics
  • Energy conservation and emissions abatement
  • Logistics
  • Technology
  • Application design and development
  • Transport infrastructure, network design and logistics


We seek to increase Australia's productivity by using its resources more efficiently.


Our vision is to increase trade and economic growth in and beyond Australasia, for the common wealth of all Australians, both now and in the future.

Our methods, processes, technologies and solutions can be implemented locally, regionally, nationally and globally making them "visible from afar".

“Telopea” is the botanical name for the waratah, the floral emblem of the state of New South Wales. 

In 1810, due to its distinctive appearance in its natural habitat, Robert Brown named the genus "Telopea"
, which comes from the Greek telopos, meaning "visible from afar".